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Need help with a custom project? Want do a bit of DIY? We’re here to help.

Over the years we’ve assisted many clients in renovating or making over various areas of their homes. Because we manufacture all of our own cabinetry in our factory in Penrith and have access to a variety of suppliers for stone and stone overlay, it means we can custom build solutions to suit your needs.

So, no matter if you’ve got a great idea and need someone to make a custom solution or if you’re looking to save a bit of money and want to try your hand at a DIY install of your new bathroom or kitchen, we can assist.

Below are some examples of custom projects we’ve assisted clients with.

So, what project have you got in mind that we can assist with?

If you’re looking to do custom cabinetry work or a DIY installation, contact us on 02 4732 1411 so we can discuss your needs.